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Five Habits of Great Defender and Stopping Basket Drives

By Coach Dean, 02/15/21, 3:45PM CST


"Academic" Insight On This Topic

I do not recall who the author is, though articulation is good...

5 Habits of a Great Defender

  • Habit 1: Close-outs:
    • Keep feet on the floor and hand up as you get to short choppy steps.
  • Habit 2: Jump to the Ball 
    • Once the pass gets made, jump to the ball and make sure O cannot make a front cut. 
  • Habit 3: See the Ball (at all times)
    • Shoot the pistols in help side
    • Head on a swivel at all times
  • Habit 4: Talk to the Ball
    • Communicate with teammates about being ready to stop penetration. You’ve got help, etc.
  • Habit 5: Threaten Penetration
    • Always be in position to threaten penetration by making commotion with hands and feet to keep O guessing. 

  • Stopping Basket Drives

Close out with short choppy steps, then force one way or the other by having one high leg.  Must have these three movements:

  1. Close-out with a slide: Anticipate and take away first step penetration to lane - ideally beating him within two-three slides.
  2. Close-out with a pivot: If driver attacks high leg, drop step, but cannot open up too far. Do a partial pivot and do a slide, slide.
  3. Close-out with a Slide and Pivot. On initial attack, slide, slide and chest up, then as ball handler changes directions, pivot (but not too open) and slide, slide and chest up again.