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Confidence is a decision...

By Coach Dean 01/13/2019, 2:00pm CST

1% Better, 1 Day At A Time!

There are times in life when you feel nervous or afraid due to the circumstances in  play. This happens to everyone, world champions included. 

One difference between champions and everyone else, is that a champion has learned how to act confidently in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Acting confident, when you're not, is something that you can decide to do. And just like any other skill, with rehearsal you improve.

Basketball is a game in which this skill - along with many others - can be nurtured and developed. 

As we navigate the mid-point of our season, it's important to remain focused on the process.

Life is full of choices. Choose Excellence!!

Playing Well & Getting Better...

By Coach Dean 12/16/2018, 11:45am CST

The goal is not playing time, rather it's playing well...

We are in the midst of 5 games in 10 calendar days, with 2 games down and 3 to go. Day-by-day we're focusing on the process of playing better, together, as a team. 1% better every day remains our goal.

In preparing for the coming week, I came across some notes I took a number of years ago while attending a coaching clinic at which Coach Don Meyer shared thoughts about "playing hard through team attitude."  In his usual style, he shared statements that, when reading down the list, the first letter of each spells ATTITUDE:

  • Awareness & Communication - Determine how you're really doing and then communicate
  • Teachable - Desire to continue to study and learn
  • Tenacity - Ability to stick with things when novelty is gone
  • Intensity - Singleness of purpose; devotion to a cause; focus on a goal
  • Technique - Practice player first; properly, quickly execute fundamentals
  • Unselfish - Exhibition of maturity and self-esteem
  • Discipline - Making proper choices; try to do the next right thing
  • Execution - Having above gives mental toughness to execute under pressure

"We over me" is a concept presently being discussed among our team members. The more ingrained this becomes, the better our program will become.

Make each day a masterpiece!

Good week of practice and a win!

By Dean R Stambaugh 12/01/2018, 6:30pm CST

1% Better, 1 Day At A Time!

Our Ponies GBB team had a good week of practice, and the daily rehearsals paid off in a solid win vs. Lakeville South on Saturday afternoon. This day-to-day focus on the process of getting better is a life-skill that we will continue to hone.

Conference play opens up vs. Forest Lake on Friday, December 7.  Key success measures include maintaining a keen attention to the details and making mindful, healthy decisions on a daily basis. 

Attend to studies. Eat well. Stay hydrated. Use our excellent Stillwater training staff as needed. Find fun ways to connect with each other,  on and off the court. 

Be present, not perfect.  (Ken Ravizza)

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