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Registration for the Stillwater Big East Girls basketball tournament is now closed. Our tournament is full. If you have any questions or inquires, please contact our tournament director, Jeff Oian at


Thank you

Tryout Results

4th Grade Black

  • Alice S
  • Ava W
  • Cora H
  • Emma M
  • Kara N
  • Karlie R
  • Lauryn W
  • Macy K
  • Reese T

4th Grade Red

  • Alexandra G
  • Annie S
  • Ava S
  • Faye S
  • Galilee H
  • Nora A
  • Sage B
  • Sloan S
  • Sasha S

5th Grade Black

  • Addie K
  • Adelyn M
  • Annika S
  • Ava M
  • Elin H
  • Grace B
  • Iva L
  • Kennedy O
  • Rylee D
  • Teyha G

5th Grade Red

  • Alice M
  • Emma A
  • Hannah K
  • Harper M
  • Libby N
  • Mya T
  • Peyton D
  • Savannah S
  • Stella M
  • Valerie A

6th Grade Black

  • Alyssa C
  • Avery W
  • Charlotte S
  • Kylie Z
  • Lydia S
  • Maila F
  • Natalie Sc
  • Natalie St
  • Rosemary H

6th Grade Red

  • Alexa T
  • Charlotte D
  • Chloe O
  • Heidi A
  • Kendall R
  • Lauren D
  • Olivia S
  • Penny B
  • Sydney B

6th Grade White

  • Ava S
  • Avery S
  • Elin S
  • Kaila H
  • Kayleen S
  • Kinley B
  • Lauren B
  • Lucy F
  • Quinn S

7th Grade Black

  • Addie E
  • Addison S
  • Ailee P
  • Katie J
  • Madison H
  • Madison M
  • Robin T
  • Sofia N

7th Grade Red

  • Brielle Y
  • Erin M
  • Izzy D
  • Johanna N
  • Leah H
  • Olivia W

7th Grade White

  • Aliyah P
  • Annika K
  • Emma D
  • Lily J
  • Lydia A
  • Madison M
  • McKenzie L
  • Riley V

8th Grade Black

  • Aftin R
  • Avery N
  • Julia D
  • Kennedy N
  • Lyla P
  • Maddy H
  • Mariko L
  • Olivia M

8th Grade Red

  • Emma K
  • Gabrielle J
  • Katie L
  • Maggie M
  • Mary M
  • McKenzie Z
  • Mia F
  • Suraiya A

Coaches - Apply Here

If you are interested in coaching, please click HERE to fill out an application.


It’s time for the Stillwater Girls Basketball Summer Challenge!

Stillwater Girls Basketball is once again challenging all players to track their shots made over the summer.


  • Track your shots made and minutes dribbled each day on the attached form.
  • 10,000 shots made may sound like a lot, but if you start right away it’s only 100 shots per day If you track for 100 days.
  • Players achieving the 5,000 shots made milestone receive a t-shirt and recognition at a varsity girls basketball game.
  • Players achieving the 10,000 shots made milestone will receive an additional prize.
  • The challenge runs from June 7 – September 25. (We threw in a couple extra days this summer)
  • This contest is open to any girls grade 3-8 (based on Fall 2022 school year).
  • Camps and games played count. Ask your coach or parent to help you approximate shots/minutes for these based on the camp or event.
  • No registration required we just ask you reply back that your player is interested.


  • Shots taken should be "game type" or "game speed" shots
  • Take shots off the dribble, ball/pump fake - and really focus on using good form
  • Make sure to include layups (more layups for the younger ages), free throws, and a variety of shots.
  • Have fun with this and encourage your teammates to participate!
  • An average of 100 shots per day will get you to 10K! (50 shots/day = 5,000)


Check out this video for an example of great shooting form!


  • You can print the details from here.
  • This is the form to use when recording your shots and minutes dribbling.
  • Here is a sample workout to get 100 shots in daily.

New COVID Guidelines from the MYAS

The MYAS has released new COVID guidelines that we as a member organization have been asked to follow. Please read through as soon as possible. Contact Allison Peper if you have any questions.

MYAS COVID Guidelines

High School

For any HS basketball related activity go to the High School (Varsity) section of this site.

2022 Home "Big East" Tournament Countdown


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